18 mai 2018 - Official Development Assistance, a drop in an ocean of needs

Rich countries give around 0.31% of their gross national income and aid going to Africa weighs less than 0.4% of its GDP. But aid is not only an issue of quantity... Is development assistance really of use to solve poor countries’ problems?  [read]

10 May 2018 - Animal welfare: a cause that makes progress thanks to civil society

Series of scandals have been occurring despite a slowly evolving legislation. This notwithstanding, the animal welfare cause can make good progress because of the commitment of civil society organizations and of changes in consumer behaviour. [read]

5 May 2018 - Is France world champion of food sustainability ?

By obtaining a food sustainability index of 74.8%, France ranks first among the 34 countries for which EIU and BCFN computed this index. But the French food system remains under threat of a series of very worrying processes. [read]

30 April 2018 - Land degradation:  a serious consequence of human activities with dramatic implications on food, health and well-being of world population

A frantic consumption and an economic system that makes that decisions taken at one corner of the world affects land resources at the other end of the planet, are some of the root causes of land degradation. But solutions exist... [read]

25 March 2018 - Is organic agriculture, under pressure from consumers, turning into the central element of the transition from a conventional “chemical” agriculture towards a more sustainable agriculture?

The answer is clearly : yes. [read]

24 January 2018 - Are industrial megafarms the solution for feeding the world?

The answer is clearly “no” : they do not offer a sustainable solution to the food issue, be it from a technical, environmental, social or even economic perspective [read].

17 January 2018 - What future for the European Union’s Common Agriculture Policy beyond 2020?

Criticised for being inefficient and complex, will the CAP evolve and tackle the new challenges of European food and agriculture, while it is feared that negotiations will more likely focus on the balance of contributions vs. payments received by each Member State than on key issues that are so essential in the eyes of the European population? [read]

22 December 2017 - Seafood and tobacco blamed for being responsible for the high level of metal contamination of pregnant women in France

Food for thought as you decide on what you will have on you menu during the forthcoming holiday season! [read]

19 December 2017 - The wheelings and dealings of the sugar industry revealed by three Californian researchers

The sugar industry knew the negative effects of their produce on health since the ‘60s but did everything possible to hide them.

Doesn’t the lack of trust of consumers towards a “system” supposed to protect them carry with it a serious political risk? [read]

18 December 2017 - Growing inequalities are a threat to world social and political stability

Since 1980, inequality increased in almost all countries. The main gainers of growth have been the small minority of the richest, losers have mainly been the middle-class in rich countries, which may explain political changes observed of recent in those countries. [read]

26 November 2017 - Large manoeuvres in the global food system: concentration and financialisation consolidate its industrial nature

Increased risks of monopolistic behaviour, dissipation of accountability, obstacles to innovation constitute threats on the sustainaility of our food. [read]

7 November 2017 - How tax evasion reinforces financial power, weakens public institutions and policies and perpetuates dependence

The vacuum created in public finance by tax evasion allows the private sector, especially private finance, to increase its influence on governments’ activities. [read]

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