21 January 2021 - Farmer demonstrations in India: poor farmers against pro-liberalisation champion?

This black and white picture could very well be a gross oversimplification of the complex Indian situation.[read]

10 January 2021 - Mexico, first Latin American country to ban GMO maize and glyphosate

A ban that represents a real challenge for the country, because of its many implications. [read]

9 January 2021 - Every year, there are 385 million cases of unintentional acute pesticide poisoning, says a PAN study

Pesticide poisoning causes death and may have chronic health consequences (loss of quality of life, loss of well-being, and loss of ability to work).  [read]

24 december 2020 - Asymmetric trade flows create a massive transfer of biophysical resources from poor to rich countries

As money continously accumulates through trade in the hands of the richer countries, so do biophysical resources, to the detriment of the rest of the world and its development potential. [read]

17 December 2020 - WTO: deadlock in the negotiations for reducing subsidies encouraging overfishing

Launched in Doha in 2001, relaunched following the approval of the UN Sustainable Development Goals in 2015, the negotiations on these subsidies are in a deadlock, while fishing stocks continue being depleted. [read]

10 December 2020 - Sustainable food systems: 2021 may be a turning point for food, … or it may not

Will 2021 be the year when the private sector will take the lead in thinking the future of our food? This would certainly have very serious implications in many respects. [read]

24 November 2020 - How could the European Union’s trade policy become a tool for promoting sustainable food systems?

An information note by IPES-Food makes recommendations on elements that could make EU’s trade policy compatible with the promotion of sustainable food systems in the world.  [read]

7 October 2020 - France: Forty percent of greenhouse gases generated to meet the demand of households and businesses are emitted abroad

To achieve carbon neutrality, France will not just have to be contented with reducing greenhouse gas emissions on its territory. Other measures will also be required. [read]

26 September 2020 - Income inequality impacts on the level of greenhouse gas emissions and on vulnerability to the consequences of climate change

The more people are rich, the more they emit greenhouse gas; the more people are poor and less they emit greenhouse gas, but the more they are vulnerable to the consequences of climate change. The strategy to reduce emissions must take these inequalities into account. [read]

23 September 2020 - Farmers: poisoned lives

Two testimonies demonstrate the difficulties met by new rural dwellers, particularly if they farm differently from local farmers. [read]

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