20 January 2019 - In the EU, gaps in the debate on migration explain policy deficiencies

What are the root causes of migration? How biased is the debate on immigration in Europe? Are European aid policies a solution or are they part of the problem? [read]

22 November 2018 - Is « Big Data » remodeling our food system?

Merging of agrifood giants, vertical integration within value chains, drones, DNA editing, blockchains, are examples of changes that have the potential to disrupt our food system. [read]

30 October 2018 - (The minimum of) What you should know about migration…

Migrants: how many are they? Who are they? Why do they migrate? Where do they go? What impact does migration have on the host country and on the country of origin? [read]

23 October 2018 - Eating organic food helps to reduce risks of cancer

A scientific study shows that consuming organic food helps to reduce by 25% the risk of cancer; the reduction is 35% for post-menopause breast cancer and 76% for lymphomas. [read]

16 October 2018 - What future for our food? Three scenarios picture quite different futures

An analysis by FAO fixes conditions required for the future of our food be a future of hope. The way to get there will be difficult and full of pitfalls. [lire]

8 October 2018 - The impacts of global warming of 1.5oC above pre-industrial levels: the IPCC’s Special Report of October 2018

To avoid the disaster foreseen by the IPPC, let’s fundamentally change the way we produce and consume our food! [read]

13 August 2018 - Monsanto case: a result that does not solve the problem and illustrates the perverse nature of the so-called “consumer protection system”

Winning cases is not enough; what is needed is to change the rules and implement them effectively. [read]

11 August 2018 - Fisheries and aquaculture in troubled waters

Despite an outstanding performance of aquaculture, overfishing, environmental impact, as well as serious threats on the quality of products offered to consumers make it that the future of the fisheries and aquaculture sector is uncertain. [read]

7 August 2018 - Pervasive plastic: from food in plastic to plastic in food

For decades, our food has been increasingly contained in plastic; now it is plastic that is pervasively contained in our food… and, consequently, it will soon be more and more present in our body.. [read]

5 August 2018 - The use of pesticides still on the increase in France

Data for 2016-1017 show a growth of 12.4% compared to 2009, while the objective was to reduce the use of pesticides by 50% between 2008 and 2018. [read]

18 mai 2018 - Official Development Assistance, a drop in an ocean of needs

Rich countries give around 0.31% of their gross national income and aid going to Africa weighs less than 0.4% of its GDP. But aid is not only an issue of quantity... Is development assistance really of use to solve poor countries’ problems?  [read]

10 May 2018 - Animal welfare: a cause that makes progress thanks to civil society

Series of scandals have been occurring despite a slowly evolving legislation. This notwithstanding, the animal welfare cause can make good progress because of the commitment of civil society organizations and of changes in consumer behaviour. [read]

5 May 2018 - Is France world champion of food sustainability ?

By obtaining a food sustainability index of 74.8%, France ranks first among the 34 countries for which EIU and BCFN computed this index. But the French food system remains under threat of a series of very worrying processes. [read]

30 April 2018 - Land degradation:  a serious consequence of human activities with dramatic implications on food, health and well-being of world population

A frantic consumption and an economic system that makes that decisions taken at one corner of the world affects land resources at the other end of the planet, are some of the root causes of land degradation. But solutions exist... [read]

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