26 November 2017 - Large manoeuvres in the global food system: concentration and financialisation consolidate its industrial nature

Increased risks of monopolistic behaviour, dissipation of accountability, obstacles to innovation constitute threats on the sustainaility of our food. [read]

7 November 2017 - How tax evasion reinforces financial power, weakens public institutions and policies and perpetuates dependence

The vacuum created in public finance by tax evasion allows the private sector, especially private finance, to increase its influence on governments’ activities. [read]

15 October 2017 - Food-Health nexus: priority to public interest, independent research and reshaped power balance are indispensable ingredients for reengineering our food systems and make them healthier

Dominated by private interests, our food systems affect negatively our health, generating severe human and economic costs. [read]

10 October 2017 - $1.2 trillion annually, is the estimated cost of obesity by 2025, unless proper action is taken

Wednesday 11 October will be the third World Obesity Day [read]

15 August 2017 - Brexit and the UK food system: many issues and one opportunity

The UK is on a knife-edge: either Brexit will lead to an improved, a more sustainable, fairer and more inclusive food system, or it will generate a more unequal food system that will offer less protection to consumers’ health, exploit the environment and produce a degraded social justice. [read]

29 July 2017 - Climate finance : for whom is the World Bank working?

Global finance intends to sharpen its instruments to take over our food and agriculture, on the ground of combatting climate change. [read]

13 July 2017 - Our food system: some reasons for hope…

The strong growth of organic products and of fair trade shows that some positive changes are taking place. [read]

26 June 2017 - Plundering Africa (Season 2)

A new study, that updates work conducted in 2014, shows that every year, Africa pays more to the rest of the world than it receives from it. This challenges the myth that Africa is ‘an assisted continent’. [read]

13 June 2017 - Low agricultural prices, debt, farmer suicides, strikes and ban of purchases of cattle for slaughter: India’s agricultural crisis

The Indian government faces an intensified movement of protest by farmers [read]

18 May 2017 - US Food and Agriculture: present and (perhaps) future situation

For the first time, in 2014, US consumers paid more money for prepared foods than for foods to be prepared at home. This evolution may anticipate on the evolution of food consumption in the rest of the world. [read]

12 May 2017 - What can FAO offer to the world in the domain of food and agricultural policies?

A new web portal informs on activities carried out by FAO (United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization) in the field of food and agricultural policies, and presents resources useful to professionals, academics and a wider public.  [read]

25 April 2017 - To eat more fruits and vegetables is fine. But which ones?

Did you know that in France, apples are treated more than 35 times? [read]

19 March 2017 - Production and use of pesticides: an infringement on the rights to food and health

The alleged reasons that would make pesticides indispensable to ensure world food security are in contradictions with the right to health, considering the numerous health impacts associated to their use. [read]

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