13 November 2019 - Do forgotten crops have a part to play in the transition towards a more sustainable and climate friendly food system?

Over the last century, history of agriculture has been one of impoverishment of the genetic base of food. Recently, there has been a renewed interest for “forgotten crops”. [read]

9 November 2019 - In Europe, one of the richest regions in the world, more than one person out of six lives in poverty

Women, mostly alone, children and a growing number of working-age adults live in poverty and isolation. [read]

31 October 2019 - The dangers of a “partial” impact analysis: the example of a study on the impact of a 100% conversion to organic farming in England and Wales

The critical review of this study illustrates how difficult it is to analyse all dimensions of the food transition and how limiting the scope of research impairs the message sent to decision-makers and the public at large. [read]

20 October 2019 - Urbanisation of hunger: the rural drift drives hunger to the cities

Once in the cities, most rural migrants are very vulnerable. More than 60% of the money they earn will go straight into the purchase of food. [read]

17 October 2019 - The triple burden of malnutrition is getting heavier in the world, says UNICEF.

The triple burden of malnutrition - undernutrition, hidden hunger and overweight – threatens the survival, growth and development of children.  [read]

15 October 2019 - New evidence of widespread human and labour rights violations in our food chains

The “relentless drive to cut costs and maximise profits”, cutthroat competition and the need to offer attractive prices for consumers are the main causes of the intolerable living and working conditions imposed on the multitude of workers producing our food.   [read]

24 September 2019 - What causes massive forest fires : greed or poverty?

The planet’s “oxygen factory” is threatened by greed, poverty, inappropriate policies, the non-enforcement of laws and climate change.   [read]

8 September 2019 - Implementing the ecological transition : the example of Totnes in the United Kingdom.

The small town (8,000 inhabitants) located in Devon has the ambition to be autonomous from the point of view of food and energy by 2030. [read]

13 August 2019 - Ensuring world food security in a changing climate will require us to modify our diet, develop appropriate technologies and implement conducive policies  [read]

18 July 2019 - Digitalisation of agriculture in Africa is bound to increase exclusion and inequality

Failing to develop renewed anti-trust regulations and stronger democratic processes to ensure a fair distribution of value added by digitalisation would imply the marginalisation of a large number of farmers [read]

13 July 2019 - Being a lobbyist : accept to accuse sustainable agriculture in order to help develop profits of firms that fund you

Mixing freely carefully selected statistical, ideological, scientific and moral arguments to illustrate their point of view in defiance of any rigour, lobbyists promote ideas - and so-called solutions - that are damaging for the future of world food. [read]

11 June 2019 - Protecting our health and environment - Is justice to substitute rules and regulations?

In the face of the inability of Parliaments and Governments to take appropriate measures, consumers and citizens have been obliged to invoke the third power : Justice. [read]

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