15 September 2022 - Even what you don’t know can hurt you: the case of glyphosate

Dysfunctions around glyphosate approval. The whithholding of information by the industry demonstrates the need to modify the market approval process of pesticides [read].

22 August 2022 - Ten years ago, 

In ten years and 400 articles, (and mirror website in English, have been visited more than 500,000 times and its readers made more than 21 million hits, downloading almost 450,000 documents. 

Thank you for your encouragements and support. [read

13 August 2022 - In the media: food crisis and invasion of Ukraine: what happened to Africa?

The ghastly war in Ukraine has been presented in the media as the main cause of the global food crisis, Africa being prophesised as its prime victim. However, to this date, no boat left Ukraine to bring cereals to Subsaharan Africa. [read]

25 April 2022 - Synthetic biology: solution or dangerous delusion?

A techno-economic solution to fix the problems of our food systems. [read]

13 March 2022 - Governance: united to decide or divided to be ruled?

The disaster that could have resulted from the Food Systems Summit was avoided because of a strong mobilisation. But the struggle is still ongoing... [read]

20 January 2022 - A new study shows the widespread contamination of the French by glyphosate

Glyphosate was detected in 99.8% of tested people, and measured in urine with a mean of 

1.19 ng/ml. [read]

16 October 2021 - Public support to agriculture has been promoting unhealthy and polluting products and generating more inequality in the world

A transition to more sustainable food systems (economically, socially and environmentally) will require a total reengineering of current support policies. [read]

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