25 April 2022 - Synthetic biology: solution or dangerous delusion?

A techno-economic solution to fix the problems of our food systems. [read]

13 March 2022 - Governance: united to decide or divided to be ruled?

The disaster that could have resulted from the Food Systems Summit was avoided because of a strong mobilisation. But the struggle is still ongoing... [read]

20 January 2022 - A new study shows the widespread contamination of the French by glyphosate

Glyphosate was detected in 99.8% of tested people, and measured in urine with a mean of 

1.19 ng/ml. [read]

16 October 2021 - Public support to agriculture has been promoting unhealthy and polluting products and generating more inequality in the world

A transition to more sustainable food systems (economically, socially and environmentally) will require a total reengineering of current support policies. [read]

25 July 2021 - Sustainable Food Systems <=> Sustainable Diets

A Special Issue of the International Journal of Sociology of Agriculture and Food explores how social sciences can contribute to the complex endeavour of changing consumption habits as part and parcel of transforming the food system. [read]

27 June 2021 - In France, the debate on the future of food and agriculture just scratches the surface

A faulty law illustrates the blindess of stakeholders, incapable to go beyond the signals of the market and agree on crucial decisions. [read]

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