20 January 2019 - In the EU, gaps in the debate on migration explain policy deficiencies 

What are the root causes of migration? How biased is the debate on immigration in Europe? Are European aid policies a solution or are they part of the problem? [read]


Borders in the global economy
Control and segmentation of labour, competition among countries, super profits and exacerbation of inequalities are threats to world stability. [read]

30 October 2018 - (The minimum of) What you should know about migration…

Migrants: how many are they? Who are they? Why do they migrate? Where do they go? What impact does migration have on the host country and on the country of origin? [read]


30 June 2016 - Fences, walls, aid and fairer trade: reflecting on international migrations

It is addressing root causes of migration that will fix people in their area of origin, not fences and walls. [read]


14 November 2015 - Valletta Summit on migration: 1.8 billion euros for Africa to stop Africa-to-Europe migration - Illusion or irresponsibility?


Lampedusa, Westgate and Famine in the Horn of Africa - It’s All too Easy to Forget


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