May 2014


28 May 2014 - The US Feed the Future program: nutrition interventions, input-based agriculture and private investment facilitation

The 2014 ‘Feed the Future progress report highlights principles, objectives and achievements of this programme launched in 2009 by President Obama, soon after his election. [read]

24 May 2014 - USAID’s Frontiers in Development essay competition submits its essay to USAID’s Frontiers in Development essay competition. Its topic is: Research on sustainable and accessible agricultural technologies for combatting poverty and hunger. [read]

12 May 2014 - The Africa Progress Panel proposes more of the same old recipes to tackle hunger and poverty in Africa

To tap Africa’s huge natural resources and feed its population and beyond, the Africa Progress Panel proposes to intensify the promotion of the fertiliser-water-pesticide intensive agriculture that has shown its limits elsewhere. [read]

9 May 2014 - Green revolution in Africa: more improved seeds for the continent

Growing Africa’s Future (AGRA) has just published a report on the seed sector in Africa which concludes that the sector is now dominated by local start-ups. [read]

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