News October 2013


26 October 2013 - The Right to Food: progress and limits

In his last report, the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food describes the emergence of a global Right to Food movement. A rapid look at the world food situation suggests however that the recognition of the Right to Food is not sufficient to reduce hunger in the concerned countries. [read]

21 October 2013 - A study on GMO policy determinants shows that importing countries can export their regulation model

The study ranks 60 countries according to GMO policy restrictiveness and identifies mains determinants of policy, including the important role of trade partners. [read]

16 October 2013  - 33rd World Food Day: Sustainable Food Systems for Food Security and Nutrition

The 2013 WFD is an invitation for each and everyone to reflect on questions such as ‘‘What would a sustainable food system look like? Is it possible to get from here to there? What would need to change to move us in that direction?’’ [read]

13 October 2013 - The decrease in population of bees is a threat for our food


5 October 2013 - A first analysis of the implementation of the G8’s New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition confirms worries about this initiative


2 october 2013 - According to FAO, the number of undernourished people has decreased by 24 million in one year


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