News November 2013


26 November 2013 - France: another agriculture is possible

The Afterres2050 report, result of work initiated by Solagro in 2010 shows that it is possible in 2050 France to have a productive and environment-friendly agriculture that can provide a more healthy and sustainable diet to the French. [read]

21 November 2013 - The New US Farm Bill: more for the favoured, less for the poor?

At the time when the European Parliamant approves the new EU Common Agricultural Policy, the US Republicans propose a reform of the Farm Bill that would make it, according to J. Stiglitz, even more insane and unfair. [read]

16 November 2013 - Agriculture and environment: UNCTAD’s wake up call

UNCTAD’s latest Trade and Environment Review 2013 urges world leaders to wake up and take required decisions to shift world agriculture from a traditional ‘‘green revolution’’ approach to one of family farm-based ‘‘ecological intensification’’. [read]

11 November 2013 - India approves the largest ever food security programme

The Upper House of the Indian Parliament has recently approved a programme of around $20 billion that will help 800 million beneficiaries. [read]

3 November 2013 - The Global Hunger Index published by IFPRI shows an improvement in the world food and nutrition situation

Published for the eighth consecutive year, the IFPRI index shows an improvement in the food and nutrition in all regions of the world and in the great majority of countries for which data are available. [read]

1st November 2013 - GMOs: set-back in Latin America and hope in Europe for multinational seed companies

After Brazil, where a study had challenged the legality of GMO crops, a decision by a judge bans transgenic maize in Mexico. This comes at a time when Europe envisages to authorise the cultivation of a second GMO maize variety. [lire]

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