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31 January  2014 - Developing agriculture in Africa, eradicating hunger and poverty: What can we expect from the African Union Summit?

Ten years after having launched NEPAD, Africa continues to place its top priority on agriculture by chosing to make 2014 the Year of Agriculture and Food Security. But there is still some ambiguity on the type of agriculture Africa is really trying to develop. [read]

18 January 2014 - Meat Atlas: an uncompromising picture of meat in the world, with some reasons for hope

Friends of the Earth Europe and the Heinrich Böll Stiftung publish the "Meat Atlas - Facts and figures about the animal we eat" that presents information that allows to better understand the impact of our meat consumption and to orient our behaviour towards a more responsible consumption. [read]

15 January 2014 - In India, a first ‘‘environmental  referendum’’ saves the Dongria Kondh

The Indian authorities cancel a mining project that threatened the Dongria Kondh tribe in Odisha. [lire]

11 January 2014 - Africa, the future of France?

The voluminous report of the French Senate’s working group on ‘‘the presence of France in coveted Africa’’ made public shortly before the Africa-France summit of December 2013, advocates fundamental changes in the relations between France and Africa. [read]

6 January 2014 - Letting people die from hunger should be recognised as a crime against humanity

Hunger is the result of deliberate decisions taken by governments. Abandoning a population to hunger, neglecting to take the measures required to ensure adequate food to all, must be recognised as a crime against humanity, so that political leaders can be put in front of their responsibilities and forced to act to eliminate hunger. [read]

3 January 2014 - Brazil may approve the use of sterile GMO seeds using the so-called ‘‘terminator’’ technology in February 2014

The expected approval of the use of sterile GMO seeds by Brazil would break the global moratorium on ‘‘terminator’’ technology that dates back to 2000. [read]

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