December 2014


26 December 2014 - Beyond 2015: The foundation to the ‘‘Road to Dignity’’ still requires more earthworks

High sounding objectives, vague recommendations based on a very partial analysis, Ban Ki-Moon’s report on Beyond 2015 is disappointing.


21 December 2014 - United Kingdom: a study demonstrates the failure of the British food system

The New Economics Foundation (NEF), a London-based ‘think-and-do’ tank, published a report on the UK food system last November, with the title: Urgent recall: Our food system under review. [read]

8 December 2014 - More resources are needed to combat hunger in rich countries

United Kingdom, France and the United-States. [read]

3 December 2014 - One year before the deadline, about half of the so-called ‘developing countries’ have achieved their Millennium Development Goal on hunger

63 countries have now reduced by half the proportion of their population who is undernourished and 25 countries have reduced by half the number of undernourished [read]

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