April 2015


26 April 2015 - Plundering Africa

Every year, Africa pays more to the rest of the world than it receives from it. This challenges the myth that Africa is ‘an assisted continent’ [read]

14 April 2015 - For a more sustainable agriculture : three myths to debunk

Chemical fertiliser use, ploughing and monocropping are practices that are not favourable to sustainable soil fertility. [read]

3 April 2015 - Researchers show that organic agriculture generates more economic value than conventional agriculture

An international team of researchers showed that if you account for the positive externalities it generates, organic agriculture systematically creates more economic value than conventional agriculture. [read]

1 April 2015 - The reasons why the Green Revolution might still not be an option for Africa

A study by two researchers points at reasons why Green Revolution technologies are not being adopted in Ghana [read]

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