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I'm a pessimist because of intelligence, but an optimist because of will. (Antonio Gramsci)

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Our objective

The ambition of this site, created in June 2013, is to try and inform on the food issue and to debunk myths on hunger (More on myths on hunger...) so that the honest citizens of the XXIst century that we are, are able to better understand the world around us and act in order to change it and make a reality of the utopia of a world without hunger. [read more]


Acknowledgements would like to thank all those who provided their support and encouragement, particularly Andrew MacMillan, Jocelyne Recalde, George-André Simon, Hélène Basquin, Andrée-Anne Côté-St-Laurent, Byron Ponce Segura, Mathias Maetz, Andrea Ponce Juárez, Francesca Selvetti, Maria-Grazia Quieti, Coumba Dieng Sow, Frédéric Dévé, Jacques Du Guerny and Marie-Christine Tarby.

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Our headlines:

In the global food system, the “farm-tech revolution” could shift the balance of power to the detriment of the weakest (New)

Increased efficiency, less costs and waste, but also greater concentration of power and accelerated marginalisation of the weakest... [read]


How far will financial speculation go? After prices, pandemics - What next…? (New)

Perverse financial instrument, the Ebola “pandemic bonds” of the World Bank have paid, in two years, more than $110 million to speculators, while only $20 million were used to fight against the on-going pandemic in DRC. [read]


To manage sustainably our water resources, we need to change our food consumption (New)

Did you know that in France people use for their food more than ten times the water utilised for satisfying daily needs for hygiene and sanitation? [read]


Opinions: World Bank dispossessing rural poor by Jomo Kwame Sundaram and Anis Chowdhury. (New)

By promoting private investment in agriculture, the World Bank commodifies land and accelerates the dispossession of family farmers of their main source of livelihood. [read]