Hunger explained?

Hunger explained?


Topical issue of the week: What future for our food?

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I'm a pessimist because of intelligence, but an optimist because of will. (Antonio Gramsci)

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The ambition of this site, created in June 2013, is to try and inform on the food issue and to debunk myths on hunger (More on myths on hunger...) so that the honest citizens of the XXIst century that we are, are able to better understand the world around us and act in order to change it and make a reality of the utopia of a world without hunger. [read more]


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Our headlines:

Farmer demonstrations in India: poor farmers against pro-liberalisation champion?  

This black and white picture could very well be a gross oversimplification of the complex Indian situation.



COVID-19: Is agriculture the main culprit? 

Expansion of agriculture has a large role in the emergence of pathogens, but deforestation alone is not enough to cause a pandemic.



Opinion: Rethinking Food and Agriculture – New Ways Forward

by Andrew MacMillan  

A review of the website that underpins the new book edited by Amir Kassam and Laila Kassam and an advocacy of inclusive and responsible ‘Conservation Agriculture-based Veganic Agroecology’.    [read]


The European Union’s challenging but imperative green transition  

Despite the Green Deal for Europe launched in December 2019, indicators show that EU’s food and agriculture are not on track for successful food and climatic transitions.



Urban Expansion and Agricultural Land. Should we agree to sacrifice workers’ gardens in Aubervilliers on the altar of the 2024 Paris Olympics?   (New)

At global level, it is expected that the equivalent of three times the total area of land used for agriculture in the UK will have been sacrificed by 2030.   [read]


The digital revolution in food and agriculture

Exciting promises, mixed results and risky bet  (New)

By making it possible for the market to gain access to the previously largely inaccessible domains of knowledge and decision making, ‘Big Data’ puts our food at risk.  



Responsible businesses or greenwashing?

The certification industry in support of multinationals  (New)

More rigorous laws and certification processes might allow consumers to identify companies and products that respect satisfactory social, environmental and health norms.