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Our food system: some reasons for hope…

The strong growth of organic products and of fair trade shows that some positive changes are taking place. [read]

Plundering Africa (Season 2)

A new study, that updates work conducted in 2014, shows that every year, Africa pays more to the rest of the world than it receives from it. This challenges the myth that Africa is ‘an assisted continent’. [read]

Low agricultural prices, debt, farmer suicides, strikes and ban of purchases of cattle for slaughter: India’s agricultural crisis

The Indian government faces an intensified movement of protest by farmers [read]

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I'm a pessimist because of intelligence, but an optimist because of will. (Antonio Gramsci)

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The ambition of this site, created in June 2013, is to try and inform on the food issue and to debunk myths on hunger (More on myths on hunger...) so that the honest citizens of the XXIst century that we are, are able to better understand the world around us and act in order to change it and make a reality of the utopia of a world without hunger. [read more]


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Brexit and the UK food system: many issues and one opportunity (New)

The UK is on a knife-edge: either Brexit will lead to an improved, a more sustainable, fairer and more inclusive food system, or it will generate a more unequal food system that will offer less protection to consumers’ health, exploit the environment and produce a degraded social justice. [read]

Climate finance : for whom is the World Bank working? (New)

Global finance intends to sharpen its instruments to take over our food and agriculture, on the ground of combatting climate change. [read]

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During the six first months of 2017,

98 environmental defenders

were killed...


Opinions: UN Analytical Leadership in Addressing Global Economic Challenges by José Antonio Ocampo and Jomo Kwame Sundaram (New)